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Customer experience

Mobility: how to offer the best digital experience during customer onboarding?

At times when mobility has become multimodal, customers are increasingly fickle in their choice of transportation.

Whether they want to rent a car, use an electric scooter or take public transport, they look for quick and easy onboarding.
Hence the need for mobility actors to offer adapted solutions.

How to offer a digital experience that is both efficient and unique?

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Customer experience

KYC and User Experience:
How to turn an obligation into an opportunity?

Creating value out of a regulatory requirement: that’s where the potential of KYC process lies (Know your customer).
Checking client ID online during digital transactions becomes the new normal and is now spreading to many unregulated sectors such as HR or mobility (car, scooter rentals…).
At the same time, digitization of uses and services is reaching such a level that what was once considered a hurdle can now contribute to optimizing customer experience.
Let’s see how.

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Secure your customer onboarding process with identity verification

In an ever digitalized world with intensive use of new technologies, security of transactions between companies and clients has become fundamental.

That’s the context in which the KYC (know your customer) process was implemented. Its goal is to check the identity of a client and to ensure that he/she is who he/she claims to be. A KYC process answers regulations in force of which the main objective is to fight identity theft, money laundering and terrorism financing.

It applies to all sectors but is particularly adequate for banking, finance institutions and insurance…

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