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How can this analysis be integrated into my process?

The heart of IDCHECK.IO has multiple interfaces. Take a look at our APIs and SDKs and easily integrate our expertise into your solutions.

What is an MRZ?

MRZ stands for Machine-Readable Zone. It is an area designed to be automatically read by an optical reader (e.g. a scanner) located at the bottom of identity document (ID cards, passports, residence permits, etc.). It comprises between one and three lines of alphanumeric characters and chevrons (<). Apart from the data already mentioned in the upper part of the document, this zone, with a very precise layout, contains codes enabling a compliance check to be carried out.

What checks are carried out by

The identity document analysis service is based on a variety of checks. These controls are different depending on the document submitted; they include the verification of compliance of the MRZ or the bar code, compliance between the information in the MRZ or in the bar code and that printed on the document, the overall appearance of the document, the security patterns on the documents and whether the document has expired.

What types of documents can be analyzed? aims to be able to analyze any identity document from anywhere in the world, like passports, identity cards, visas, residence permits, driving licenses, etc. Today we support documents issued in over 190 countries, and this expertise is expanding every day.

Does the service provide an answer quickly enough?

The automatic control of a document produced by takes, on average, less than 12 seconds.

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