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Importing a document

What is an MRZ?

MRZ stands for Machine-Readable Zone. It is an area designed to be automatically read by an optical reader (e.g. a scanner) located at the bottom of identity document (ID cards, passports, residence permits, etc.). It comprises between one and three lines of alphanumeric characters and chevrons (<). Apart from the data already mentioned in the upper part of the document, this zone, with a very precise layout, contains codes enabling a compliance check to be carried out.

No document is detected?

The document submitted has not been recognized. Maybe the submitted image cannot be automatically analyzed. For optimal analysis of the submitted documents, we recommend a resolution that permits easy reading of the information printed on the document. No credit will be deducted until a detailed inspection report is returned to you.

What types of documents can be analyzed? aims to be able to analyze any identity document from anywhere in the world, like passports, identity cards, visas, residence permits, driving licenses, etc. Today we support documents issued in over 190 countries, and this expertise is expanding every day.

Does the service process images of identity documents or does it just analyse textual data (document number, holder etc.)? works with images of the documents supplied, with no other type of information.

Does the service cover all different identity documents (passports, visas, national identity cards etc.) as well as my geographical area of interest? covers 208 countries and organisations and its database contains several thousand templates.

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