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The service

How should I proceed ?

Whatever your acquisition mode (scanner, smartphone, camera…), drop the image of the document to analyze on our download area. JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF formats are accepted. You can also manually enter the MRZ (which is the Machine-Readable Zone). In less than 12 seconds, the document is analyzed and the tool tells you if it is a real identity document.

Can I integrate this service into my application?

Thanks to our web or mobile SDK solutions, integrate our capture tools directly into your applications as a white label. These tools then transmit, via our APIs, the information for the automated verification of documents and user identities.

At what point in the analysis is the credit deducted?

Your verification credits are only deducted when the result of the analysis is obtained and you have been able to access the inspection report.

Security and privacy

When connected to our services, all exchanges are secure. After analyzing your document, we do not keep any trace of them or the report provided (unless explicitly requested by you, see terms and conditions), ensuring total confidentiality of the pieces analyzed.

What is an MRZ?

MRZ stands for Machine-Readable Zone. It is an area designed to be automatically read by an optical reader (e.g. a scanner) located at the bottom of identity document (ID cards, passports, residence permits, etc.). It comprises between one and three lines of alphanumeric characters and chevrons (<). Apart from the data already mentioned in the upper part of the document, this zone, with a very precise layout, contains codes enabling a compliance check to be carried out.

No document is detected?

The document submitted has not been recognized. Maybe the submitted image cannot be automatically analyzed. For optimal analysis of the submitted documents, we recommend a resolution that permits easy reading of the information printed on the document. No credit will be deducted until a detailed inspection report is returned to you.

What types of documents can be analyzed? aims to be able to analyze any identity document from anywhere in the world, like passports, identity cards, visas, residence permits, driving licenses, etc. Today we support documents issued in over 190 countries, and this expertise is expanding every day.

Who publishes the service?

The service is published and implemented by ARIADNEXT, an expert in document control and provider of security solutions and secured SaaS mode paperless systems. For more information, please visit

Does the service provide an answer quickly enough?

The automatic control of a document produced by takes, on average, less than 12 seconds.

Is the service available 24/7? is available at any time of the day or night.

Can the service make use of infrared or ultraviolet images of documents? can analyse different images of the same document taken under different lights to carry out more detailed verification.

Does the service provide a check report for your archives? provides a check report that can be used by your applications as well as a PDF certificate that can be archived as evidence of having carried out the checks.

Does the service process images of identity documents or does it just analyse textual data (document number, holder etc.)? works with images of the documents supplied, with no other type of information.

Does the service offer a mobile capture SDK to optimise the customer experience on mobile devices?

The Mobile SDK optimises the capture of the identity document. Initial processing takes place directly on the mobile, and can provide a result in one second.

Does the service cover all different identity documents (passports, visas, national identity cards etc.) as well as my geographical area of interest? covers 208 countries and organisations and its database contains several thousand templates.

Can the service store this verification evidence for you?

By default, does not save any trace of the personal data you submit, but the data can be stored for your exclusive use on request.

Can the service read the electronic chip contained in certain documents?

The mobile SDK will very soon be able to read the chips in identity documents that contain them.

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