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Your KYC and ID verification needs


Improve your customer onboarding
with an effective KYC check is the leading automatic identity verification solution on the European market. It instantly provides the trust needed when starting on a new customer relationship. And it helps to combat documentary fraud and money laundering. All this while offering an optimized user experience to maximize conversion rates. In today’s world of digital transformations, it is important to know your remote customer.

This approach is formalised in a process known as KYC check.

What is KYC (Know Your Customer) meaning ?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is the name given to the process of verifying a customer’s identity. This term, which is becoming a common expression, has emerged from banking sector.

Indeed, financial organisations, always need to be able to identify their customers when opening a new account in order to comply strictly with national and international regulations. And this is also happening in other industries. Like online gaming for example. KYC check is essential in different cases: regulation compliance, fraud detection, age verification or data extraction.

A few years ago, most of these processes took place manually. Consequently, a customer had to go to the branch to provide the required KYC documents (including an identity document) to validate his account. This face-to-face visit enabled the bank staff to identify the customer through the identity document presentation.

Today, with the explosion of Internet and remote services, the KYC check has evolved considerably.

process KYC

The evolution of KYC check

The digital transformation of the financial industry and the emergence of new players such as Fintech companies, collaboration platforms, transfers, and online gaming have led to new requirements in KYC processes :

  • Allow remote verification of identity documents. The majority of new market actors are developing their business online and must therefore perform KYC check remotely.
  • Automate the KYC process to maintain a high level of online conversion. In an era where the customer wants smooth and fast services, it is essential to integrate ID check into an optimized digital experience.

Automatic remote verification of ID documents has thus become a key factor for organisations dealing with the KYC challenge for the first time. Companies need to be able to respond to the challenges. is the solution to meet these various needs !

Remote Account Creation

Your document verification needs

We base our identity verification service on three pillars. Fraud prevention, compliance with the applicable regulations in your industry, and customer experience improvements. These pillars rely on document verification using our solutions.

Fraud prevention Document & Identity Fraud prevention

Check the identity of all your customers to avoid any risk of fraud.

Regulation compliance Regulation compliance & requirements

Meet the standards of all regulations in your industry.

Customer onboarding process Customer onboarding experience

Optimize your remote registration processes.

Document check

These 3 pillars rely on document verification. Check the authenticity and validity of identity documents provided by your customers. And verify they are the persons they claim to be.


Online KYC check by ARIADNEXT

ARIADNEXT is one of the only companies in the world, offering a fully automated identity document verification. Building on advanced developments in image processing and deep learning, our services enable companies to check the security features of identity documents. Checking the MRZ (Machine-Readable Zone) and the consistency between the visible zone of the document and the MRZ are some of the many checks performed by Ariadnext.

With services, companies can quickly and easily fulfil their online KYC needs without investing in special development.
Identity document verification and identity checking are available in standalone modes to meet the specific requirements of companies building their own applications. We also offer a complete solution, known as, to provide an onboarding and identity management platform.

Kyc Online Requirement

Services for enhanced identity control

In order to strengthen remote ID checks and optimize KYC (Know Your Customer), we offer enhanced identity checks with facial recognition and liveness detection services. Our facial recognition service enables an identity verification by comparing the image of the ID document and a selfie taken by the user during the account creation process.

To add another layer of reliability, we have developed a liveness detection service. Thus, our services require the user to make different movements to verify that a real person is behind his screen. We deploy a secure service that detects ID theft attempts. Our textured motion detection can notice, for example, if the user wears a mask during the KYC process. These new technologies offer robust protection against fraud while delivering a seamless onboarding customer and a pleasant digital experience.

In that way, certifies that the person who wants to sign up is who s/he claims to be. And with the regulatory requirements (eIDAS, AML etc.), our services play a key role in the digital transformation of Fintech companies and financial organisations.

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