Customer Experience

Improving the customer onboarding procees and enrolment

Users today have increasingly high expectations of digital technology. Instantaneous results, simple and, intuitive use are among the criteria on which they base their decisions. It is therefore important to offer solutions that help improve the customer’s digital experience while offering the highest level of security in response to these new challenges.

What are your users looking for?

Ariadnext Experience Client Rvb Efficiency Customers want to access the requested service through a simple, fast and seamless process
Ariadnext Rapidite D Integration Rvb Saving time Through this digitisation, users expect immediate responses to their requests
Ariadnext Selfie Rvb Flexibility Each customer is waiting for a route adapted to his use (web or mobile)

Staying competitive

In an increasingly digital-focused market, many companies are seeking to offer their customers the best possible digital experience during the onboarding process. Banks, Fintech companies, telecom operators and governmental organisations are first in line.

To face increased competition from new arrivals, online account creation processes need to be as simple, quick and smooth as possible for the user, with a reduced number of steps and responses in real-time.

Without these fundamental elements, more demanding users will give up before reaching the end of the process, challenging companies’ ability to recruit new customers.

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Improving efficiency

On web or mobile, the use of automated solutions for document verification reduces the time scales and costs associated with manual documents processing.

In most cases, copies of scanned documents were previously sent to data entry platforms, where work involved entering the visible information from the document and checking several points.

Clearly, automated checks, as well as saving time, enable companies to reduce their back-office verification costs.

Automated Document Verification

Improving conversion rates

To boost loyalty among customers and keep them engaged, financial institutions and other regulated businesses such as online gambling providers need to offer automatic and, secure onboarding.

Integrating document and identity checking services designed to provide an immediate response makes it possible to offer your users the best possible experience, supporting them through the process and achieving optimum conversion rates.

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