Fantasy ID document

Fantasy ID documentA fantasy ID document is one completely made up by the forger without any reference to an existing ID document model. It clearly has no value, but can sometimes pass as an authentic document among non-experts.
The World Passport is a well-known such fantasy document.
Fantasy documents often use security elements and techniques comparable to those of real documents. In fact, holograms, security laminates, and more are relatively easy to obtain from companies that produce and distribute samples. Companies providing ID document production solutions sometimes even provide personalized documents for their visitors at trade shows.
There are fantasy documents that also refer to existing countries and organizations. In these cases, criminals seek to exploit a contact’s lack of expertise.fantasy identity document

Our service

The IDCHECK.IO service uses a database containing thousands of examples of ID documents issued by every country. The image of the document being verified will be compared to these examples, which allows detection of fantasy documents.