Driver’s license

A European template has been developed for driver’s licenses. It presents common characteristics for all E.U. nations, although security elements may vary from one country to another.

It is always pink, the issuing country is shown at top left in the middle of the E.U. flag, and information is codified to be recognizable across the E.U. In 2015, the United Kingdom added its flag in addition on their driver’s license.

As the U.K. does not issue identity cards, it is possible to obtain a driver’s license without the right to drive, which is used to prove one’s identity.

In North America, the AAMVA has published a standard for making the look and content of driver’s licenses more uniform across the region.

As a driver’s license is overwhelmingly used as proof of identity in North America, some States have opted to issue ID cards for non-drivers that have the same characteristics as a driver’s license.