Check supporting document customers remotely

Non-id document verification

 Today we verify the user’s identity to simplify their service subscription through our solution. These tools instantly provide the right confidence level during customer onboarding (KYC). Depending on the subscribed target service, each provider can request different types of documents for verification: address proofs, pay slip, tax assessment, bank account details (IBAN)…
– for a phone or Internet contract subscription, the service provider needs to verify the customer’s address in addition to his identity and will therefore request an address proof.
– for a credit request, the service provider needs to justify his customer’s income by processing his pay slips, his tax assessment and his bank details.
– Car insurance companies need to check the vehicle’s registration document in addition to the identity document to issue insurance to an individual.
– In another business knowledge context: KYB (Know Your Business), a bank may need to verify the information of the company and its managers. To do this, it will need to check a KBIS document. is a service able to check all those documents in France.

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