Integrating identify verification in your own apps

Your development tools

You are developer and you need to perform identity documents checking within your apps to process KYC ; you are at the right place!

IDCEHCK.IO comes with id document analysis REST API and a SDK for Android/iOS apps.



IDCHECK.IO RESTFul API allows you to bring all the features of our standalone apps directly in your own piece of software: image uploading (PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF), passport/id information extraction (lastname, firstname, birthdate, …) and control results : document identification, specimen detection, falsified document detection, expired documents. Last but not least, you can request a verification certificate (PDF) if you need to prove that you performed identity verification.

IDCHECK.IO API is RESTFul and uses JSON, which makes it really easy to integrate with you favorite language.

Documents authentification

IDCHECK.IO API is used by our own apps but also by some important actors from a wide range of businesses (Transportation, hotel, banking, finance, telecom, …). This API is even used directly from Ricoh’s multifunction printers, turning them into identity documents verification machines.


API advantages:

sans intégration

All IDCHECK.IO features in your own apps: information extraction, validity checks, …

temps réel

A RESTFul API for fast integration


Pay per use, no setup costs and no hidden fees.



You want to integrate data extraction and/or identity verification into an Android or iOS app ?

SmartSDK is your first choice!

A major difficulty when checking identity documents in mobile apps is to have the user take a photo that is good enough to be automatically analyzed. Indeed, light is changing, camera resolution and quality dramatically vary from one device to the other, user has to handle its device and the controlled document at the same time, and, thus, image quality can be very bad.

That is why we developped SmartSDK

This piece of software can be quickly integerated into every iOS or Android app abd allows you to:

sans intégration

Optimize user experience by providing precise instructions during image capture. The user does not need to think about image quality anymore, the SDK automatically takes the picture that meets document analysis requirements

Ensure that the captured photo will be good enough to be analyzed (no glare, no blur, …)

temps réel

Extract some information directly on the device in a couple of seconds. This feature is of great interest when you need to have your user fullfill some registration forms (lastname, firstname, …).

SmartSDK in the spotlight

Of course SmartSDK is embedded into our own mobile apps but also into many apps where form filling and indentity verification are required. Note that SmartSDK is also used by the French Gendarmerie to speed up identity verifications.