Improve your user experience with the mobile version

Includes a revolutionary ID reader module

Automatically capture high-quality clear images without blur or glare

Get a clear and detailled verification report in real time

A crystal-clear verdict

A detailed report with the list of verified items

A proof of id authentication that can be archived

Available app for tablet and smartphones

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Global coverage

Our service supports all identity documents officially recognized by governments. National ID card, passport, visa, residence permit, driving licence,...

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Smartphone or tablet

Our service is supported by a maximum of devices offering a camera with autofocus.

Available for iOS and Android.

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A real-time control - 10 seconds

97% of documents with MRZ are automatically processed in real time, with an answer in less than 10 seconds.

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Ease of use

Let the app help you take a top quality picture of your document.

No more blur or glare to disturb the control.

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Improve fraud detection and trust your customers.

97% of documents with MRZ are automatically checked in real-time

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New user experience

ID document authentication has never been easier.

Be entirely autonomous to purchase verification credits directly from your app