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Case study: Find out how ARIADNEXT helps Younited Credit improve its KYC process


Customer knowledge: a major challenge for the online payment market

Younited Credit, a company specialized in consumer credit, uses our solutions to save time in the verification of identity documents provided by its customers. First assessment of the collaboration between the online credit expert and the manufacturer of online identity solutions.

“We had a problem to solve in the customer journey: too many trips with our advisors for simple questions about identity documents that did not match or were too difficult to read,” says Arnaud Collin, Product Manager at Younited Credit for the past three years. To solve this problem, the 100% online consumer credit platform turned to Ariadnext, an expert in digital identity, identity control and document security. Since their KYC (Know Your Customer) processes want to be fluid and fast.

Full article to be found on mind Fintech 👉

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