Discover our online identity verification solutions is a suite of solutions that allows you to automatically and instantly verify a person’s identity.

Kyc Identite Solutions

A suite of reliable and fast solutions to improve the onboarding process of your users is a suite of fast, reliable and simple solutions that allows you to automatically verify the authenticity of an identity document and certify the identity of its holder. 

No more unpleasant surprises, we help you to improve the onboarding process of your customers while offering a smooth and pleasant digital experience. To make it easier for you to use our solutions and get the maximum benefit from them, our solutions are scalable and can be easily integrated into your business applications.

Integrate our online identity verification solutions offers various solutions that allow you to easily integrate a reliable and robust KYC process into your applications.

quality check

Capture of the identity document

Simple and powerful, our document capture tools allow you to capture and save all types of ID documents from your desktop or smartphone. No more blurred or cropped images, the tool guides you in real time to capture a quality image.

Id Card

Verification of the document

Thanks to deep learning technologies, the information in the document is extracted and analysed in real time. You receive a verdict in less than 12 seconds on the authenticity and validity of the document. If the analysis is incomplete, fraud experts take over.

Face Detection

Identity check of the holder

Finally, for a reliable and robust remote KYC process, our selfie and video facial recognition tools allow you to ensure that the user who submitted the document is who he/she claims to be behind the screen. An effective way to combat identity theft attempts.

Out-of-the-box applications of document verification

Our web or mobile identity document checking applications provide a turnkey service. These apps are available for tablets and smartphones running on Android or iOS. In this way, you benefit from an autonomous service, available without integration needs.

Idcheck App 2

Automated and online ID verification solutions to meet your needs

Fraud prevention

Fraud Prevention

Achieve a high level of security by verifying ID documents and their holder. Fight document fraud and avoid identity theft.

Regulation compliance

Regulation compliance

Meet the different regulatory requirements of your industry. Be KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliant.

Customer onboarding process

Customer onboarding

Improve the remote onboarding process of your customers and offer a pleasant and enjoyable multi-channel experience.

Saving time

Real-time results

Optimise your processes and customer experience by providing an automated and instantaneous response to your users.

Standalone or integrated solution

Suitable service

Choose our standalone solution or integrate into your business applications using our APIs and development kits.

Global coverage

Global coverage

Check all types of identity documents recognised by government institutions in over 210 countries and organisations.

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