Our identity verification solutions

Discover our instant and automated identity verification solutions is a suite of fast, reliable and simple solutions that enable you to check any type of identity document automatically (national identity card, passport, residence permit, driving licence, health insurance card) and verify the identity of its holder. A new user? A new customer? A future employee? is there to help you prevent unpleasant surprises and make life easier for your customers.

To enable you to use our solutions more easily and get a maximum benefit from them, we provide you with a variety of options.

Our integrated solutions

The core offers multiple interfaces. Discover our APIs and SDKs and integrate our expertise easily into your solutions.

Solution De Capture Capture solutions With web and mobile SDKs, our tools are simple and powerful. They enable you to capture all types of identity documents (national identity card, passport, residence permit, driving licence, health insurance card, etc) and find out in real time whether your document can be analysed.
Vérification De Documents D Identité Document verification Our SaaS (API) solutions automatically analyse your documents in real time using deep learning technologies and provide you with an instant verdict.
Contrôle D Identité Identity checking Our facial recognition and liveness detection solutions enable you to remotely verify the document-holder's identity via our API.

Our out of the box solutions

Out of the box applications of document verification

Our web or mobile identity document checking applications provide a turnkey service. These apps are available for tablets and smartphones running Android or iOS.

Solutions to meet your needs

Ariadnext Rapidite D Integration Rvb Real time

Recognised documents are processed automatically in real-time, with a response time of less than 12 seconds.

Ariadnext Innovation Rvb Standalone or integrated solution

Opt for our standalone adapted solution with the web or mobile application, or integrate into your own business application using our APIs and development kits (SDKs).

Ariadnext Amelioration Taux De Transformation Rvb Adaptable to your volumes

Whether you need to process one identity document or tens of thousands per day, our solutions adapt to your needs. Our price list is scalable and conforms to the volume of documents you wish to process.

Ariadnext Pin Map Global coverage

Our service supports all identity documents officially recognised by governmental institutions. This includes national identity cards, passports, visas, residence permits, driving licences…

Ariadnext Selfie Rvb Face to face or remotely

Whether they are formed face to face, in a store, in branch or online, your new relationships are secured.

Ariadnext Analyse Des Pieces Rvb Fraud prevention

Our identity document verification solutions support you in building new customer relationships, whether your priority is automation or fraud prevention.

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