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Automatic capture and quality tools for identity documents

One of the main difficulties when verifying a document is to get a good quality photo of the identity document.

Indeed, several situations can arise: the lighting is poor, the writing is illegible, or the image is cut off. The quality can therefore easily be compromised, preventing a proper analysis of the document.

For these reasons, we have developed our own web and mobile tools for capturing ID documents. They are easily integrated into your interfaces and are fully customisable to your brand image.

How do our different capture tools work?

Mobile Doc Center@2x (1)

Document capture with our web and mobile SDKs

Our SDKs enable real-time documents capture through automated, high-quality scanning. The user is fully guided by prompts throughout the capture process, and then the photo is taken automatically when the quality is deemed adequate. The service then provides instant feedback on the quality of the document and rejects those that cannot be analysed, giving you quality control while optimising the user experience. The capture process can be integrated through a variety of channels: directly from the service provider’s website, in an email trail or in an SMS trail.

The mobile SDK also enables the automatic extraction of the data contained in the document, providing your users with a surprisingly smooth experience. In a matter of seconds, they can fill in the registration form for your service.

Video capture of documents

This dynamic capture mode allows for high quality captures and adds an extra layer of security to detect fraud. The use of robust algorithms, developed in-house, adds an extra layer of security for user protection, particularly against identity theft attempts. The artificial intelligence deployed compares several points of interest in the document, chosen dynamically according to the document being analysed, with reference models. This innovation thus makes it possible to verify certain security elements that were previously beyond the reach of a static image:

  • Security elements linked to the structure of documents such as MOVs
  • Security elements linked to the data or the substance
  • Physical alterations to the document, such as photo substitution

Video capture thus provides an additional level of security against document forgery.

outil de capture de document
Nfc Read@2x

Document capture with NFC reading

Identity documents are evolving, and are now equipped with integrated electronic chips containing numerous data. In addition to basic information such as surname, first name, gender and date and place of birth, these documents contain a chip with a digitised image of the photograph and fingerprints of the document holder. NFC technology is used to interpret and extract information from the electronic chips in the documents.

As part of our commitment to fighting fraud, we have integrated NFC document reading into our mobile SDK. By simply placing their smartphone on their ID, users can prove their identity in a matter of seconds, and above all, with complete confidence. A simple and secure verification whose data are unforgeable thanks to cryptographic processes.

Collect documents easily

Whatever identity elements need to be collected, our capture software solution intelligently scans and digitises all the necessary documents, and extracts key data.

Customised interface provides a seamless and frictionless user experience.

Id Documents Capture

A suite of solutions that optimises the customer experience

Obtenir un contrôle de qualité

Take a quality snapshot

Our various tools perform automatic and instantaneous capture of the title as soon as the quality is deemed adequate for control. No more blurred, cropped images or light reflections.

extraction de donnees

Automate data extraction

Document data is automatically extracted, allowing you to complete a registration form in seconds, giving your users an amazingly smooth experience.

Capture de documents d'identité

Classify directly
the captured title

Without any additional input from the user, our services automatically identify the identity document model and its origin, simplifying the customer journey and eliminating unnecessary clicks.

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