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Documents capture

Our web and mobile capture solution

Integration kits for checking your identity documents

Are you a software developer or publisher who wants to integrate identity document checks into your own solutions to verify the identities of your users?
Look no further – allows you to use the service directly from your applications by providing a mobile and web SDK for capturing identity documents, which you can fully customise to suit your brand identity!

SDK web Web SDK
SDK Mobile Mobile SDK


Our web solution enables documents to be captured in real-time with high-quality scanning trough different possible workflows ; directly from the service provider website, trought email or SMS.

The user is guided through the process with messages displayed on the screen while the document is captured.

Our web SDK provides an instant response about the quality of the document, rejecting documents that cannot be analysed. In addition, it can be completely customized with your brand’s colors.

The web capture tool provides quality control and improves the user experience.

Document Web Capture
Ariadnext Analyse Des Pieces Rvb Get a quality check Web SDK allows to check the quality of the image (light reflections, blurry or cropped image, resolution) and optimise its size for precise capture.
Ariadnext Experience Client Rvb User experience Web SDK contributes to improve user experience with guidance provided throughout the capture process. The user is assisted in taking a high-quality image that can then be analysed.

Mobile SDK

Do you want to integrate automatic identity document checks into an Android or iOS app? If the answer is yes, then our mobile SDK is your go-to solution.

One of the main difficulties in document verification is taking a good photo of the document. Indeed several situations can happen : the lighting is hard to control, the quality of the lens depends on the terminal, or the user is not necessarily in an ideal position to take the photo. The quality can easily be compromised, preventing adequate automatic analysis of the document. That is why we have developed our very own mobile SDK.

Our development kit can be easily integrated into any IOS and Android mobile application, and allows for high quality document scanning. Thus, document analysis is optimized in a mobile version. As its web equivalent, our mobile SDK can be customized to the colors of your application.

The mobile capture tool allows you to improve the user experience, obtain quality control, and make extractions.

Mobile Document Capture
Ariadnext Experience Client Rvb Improve user experience Mobile SDK optimises user experience with appropriate guidance provided during image capture. Your user doesn't need to worry about the image – the photo is taken automatically when the quality is considered adequate.
Ariadnext Analyse Des Pieces Rvb Get a quality check Mobile SDK obtains images compatible with automatic analysis (no blurring, no reflections etc.). Reflections and blur are detected automatically. When they are found, the user is invited to avoid them and trigger automatic capture.
Ariadnext Donnees Extraites Et Resultats Des Controles Rvb Make an extract Mobile SDK extracts initial information from the document directly and very quickly on the phone, offering your users an suprisingly smooth experience. You can complete the registration form for your service in a few seconds.
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