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Documents verification


Discover our ID documents verification service


Are you a software developer or publisher who wants to integrate identity documents verification into your own solutions to verify the identity of your customers remotely ? Look no further. allows you to use the service directly from your applications by providing a REST API.

When your customers register, especially remotely, it is sometimes necessary to verify their identity. This can be time-consuming and tedious when done manually. Integrate this process directly into your journey in order to offer your customers a smooth and pleasant digital journey.

Our API analyses all identity documents and extracts the information in a completely automated way. After that, thanks to cutting-edge algorithms and AI, we verify data in real-time and render a verdict about the authenticity of the document. In this way, our document verification API detects any altered or falsified documents. We offer two approaches to documents verification : the individual mode and the folder mode.

We also propose a hybrid verification model combining artificial intelligence and human expertise. If the analysis cannot be finalised or is incomplete, fraud experts take over to ensure a complete and reliable KYC process.

Terms Verification in individual mode
Verification in folder mode Verification in folder mode

Documents verification in individual mode

The API allows you to submit your files. Indeed, you can upload documents or images in PDF, PNG, JPG or TIFF format. Then our documents verification service extracts the information contained in the identity document: surname, first name, date of birth, etc. And finally provides you with a check result: document identification, specimen detection, forged document detection, expired documents,etc. Our solution detects many types of document fraud. 

After this, you get a verification certificate in PDF format that you can download. The API respects the REST standards and is therefore very easy to integrate in any language.

Verification Identity Document

Documents verification in folder mode

Our solution also allows you to call the API and manage your data in folder mode. This is a practical and easy solution when several documents from the same person are required. In this mode, our API requires at least two documents, in order to be unitary analysed and then cross-checked. The main goal of this API is to make sure that there is a consistency between the user’s documents.

The consistency between documents can also be completed by imputed data. These data (for instance: first name, family name, and date of birth) can be tracked into the uploaded documents to make sure they belong to the expected person.

To summarize, the main purpose of this method is to analyse documents and folders in order to generate analysis reports and carry out cross-checks between documents. This ensures a complete verification of a user’s identity documents.

Document In File Management

The benefits of the API

Standalone or integrated solution Solution scalability Choose each feature of in your own applications, according to your needs.
Saving time Rapid integration APIs with REST standards that ensure easy, multilingual and quick integration in your process.
Regulation compliance GDPR Compliance A trusted solution hosted in France, fully compliant to European GDPR standards.

Hybrid document verification

In addition to our automated identity verification offer, we offer manual processing to handle 100% of the document flow. Our services enable document checks to be carried out in less than 12 seconds, and when the analysis cannot be finalised or is incomplete, the check is then completed by experts trained in fraud detection. Our model combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to ensure a complete KYC process.

This hybrid offer allows us to offer an extension of our document coverage and meets our clients’ compliance requirements. Based in Europe, our processing centre is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation which aims to protect the personal data and privacy of European Union citizens.

Hybrid document verification

A document verification solution compatible with more than 208 countries and organizations

With the strength of its expertise, the service covers an ever-increasing number of countries and identity document types. Our services can verify and certify the authenticity of national identity cards, passports, residence permit, driving licences, health insurance cards… monitors the evolution of identity documents across the world, while still catering for previous formats, guaranteeing a professional, and high-performance service.

Are you interested in document verification automation ? Indicate the type of documents concerned, their country of origin, as well as volume estimation. We will be pleased to provide you with an offer adapted to your needs.

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