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Documents verification


Discover our ID documents verification service


Do you want to integrate an identity document verification solution into your applications to verify the identity of your users in a reliable and secure way? Look no further. With, you can use the service directly from your applications, via a REST API, providing an enhanced customer experience.

When your users or customers subscribe to your goods and services, particularly remotely, it may be necessary to verify their identity to secure transactions. Inserting this step into a digital acquisition workflow can then be complex, and document processing can quickly become time-consuming. By integrating an automated document verification process, you can increase productivity and provide your customers with a seamless and instant digital experience.

Once the identity document has been registered, by your own means or thanks to our instant document capture tools, identifies the document, verifies it and extracts the information in a fully automated way. The combined use of documentary expertise and cutting-edge image processing technology enables our services to verify data in real time, giving you a verdict on the authenticity of the document in less than 12 seconds. In this way, our document verification service detects any altered or falsified documents. We offer two approaches to identity document verification: an automated verification solution and a hybrid verification solution combining artificial intelligence and human expertise.

Automated verification Automated verification
Hybrid verification Hybrid

Verification of documents in automated processing

Our document verification API allows you to benefit from automated real-time analysis. First, the service identifies the precise model of the document in order to classify it. It then extracts all the information contained in the document for analysis. Security controls are then applied throughout the process to detect any inconsistencies. Our API then provides you with a complete analysis report on the authenticity of the transmitted document in a matter of seconds.

A document can be checked individually or in folder mode. This advanced mode allows the different documents of the same person to be compiled and cross-referenced to ensure the overall consistency of the user’s identity. In addition, folder mode verification allows you to adjust the control report to meet the specific needs of your business.

Verification of documents in automated processing

Verification of documents in hybrid processing

In addition to our automated identity verification offer, we offer a hybrid processing verification offer.

When the automated verification cannot be finalised or is incomplete (because the document is not recognised or the algorithms are unable to extract the information), a manual verification is carried out. The verification is then completed by experts trained in fraud detection. Our model thus combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to guarantee complete document processing. All this while offering a smooth and seamless customer experience:

  • Document verification 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • A manual treatment commitment in less than 5 minutes
  • 100% verification and validation of the documents received
  • A complete analysis when uncertainty is detected

Our hybrid offer thus enables a reduction in fraud, while meeting the compliance requirements of the various regulators. As a bonus, our manual processing centre is based in Europe, ensuring you a service in compliance with GDPR.

Hybrid document verification

The benefits of document verification by hybrid processing

Id Card A complete verification of the documents By combining manual validation with automated processing, all your documents are checked.
Fraud Prevention Reduction of fraud Thanks to artificial intelligence coupled with human expertise, you reduce the risks of fraud and identity theft.
004 User Experience A smooth and uninterrupted customer journey With a continuous service, users benefit from real-time validation of their documents.

A document verification solution compatible with more than 208 countries and organizations

With the strength of its expertise, the service covers an ever-increasing number of countries and identity document types. Our services can verify and certify the authenticity of national identity cards, passports, residence permit, driving licences, health insurance cards… monitors the evolution of identity documents across the world, while still catering for previous formats, guaranteeing a professional, and high-performance service.

Are you interested in document verification automation ? Indicate the type of documents concerned, their country of origin, as well as volume estimation. We will be pleased to provide you with an offer adapted to your needs.

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