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Identity verification Service


Discover our remote and real-time identity verification service



contole de reconnaissance faciale not only verifies the authenticity of identity documents, but also goes one step further by providing an identity check of the bearer. Indeed, our identity check service aims to ensure that the person who subscribes to a good or service is who they claim to be. Identity verification also ensures that the person is real and present behind their terminal during onboarding. In order to benefit from a reliable and complete KYC (Know Your Customer) process, particularly in remote identification situations, we have therefore developed face biometric verification processes.

Combining identity document verification and biometric facial verification, our service is based on “Machine Learning” technologies. We offer two biometric facial verification solutions: a first solution for face verification by selfie, and a second solution for face verification by video, providing an additional level of security.


With our two enhanced identity verification services, you can check the identity of your customers and ensure that the person registering is who they claim to be. Our facial recognition solutions have FIDO accreditation for the certification of biometric components.

Facial Recognition Face verification by selfie
Liveness detection Face verification by video

Verify identity by selfie facial recognition

When starting a new customer relationship remotely, and depending on the regulatory requirements, you can use face biometric verification to check that the document-holder is the person they claim to be. Our selfie facial recognition process is simple, the user takes a selfie during the process and our API compares the selfie with the extracted photo from the identity document. In this way, our service makes it possible to guarantee that the user who carried out the selfie is in fact the holder of the identity document being analysed.

This ID verification takes only a few seconds thanks to our biometric facial recognition technologies. A fluid and pleasant way to verify identity, which integrates perfectly into a digital experience. 

Identity Verification Needs

Verify identity by video facial recognition

Being sure that the person who wants to sign up for a service is who he or she claims to be and ensuring that he or she are present during the onboarding process, are major challenges for many companies. In some industries, enhanced identity check is even becoming a legal requirement. That’s why our identity verification service is now equipped with a video facial recognition service.

The process is simple, the user is invited to make a video during which he responds to the challenges demanded by the solution (head movements). Our API then performs multiple comparisons between the video and the photo extracted from the ID document to ensure that it is the same person. It thus provides an additional level of security and helps to combat attempts at identity theft.

Combined with document verification services, the facial recognition video solution provides companies with robust protection against fraud, all through a smooth and enjoyable digital experience.

facial recognition service

The benefits of online ID verification service

Fraud prevention Documentary fraud and identity theft fighting The identity verification service makes it possible to remotely verify the identity of the person behind the device and thus combat document fraud and prevent identity theft.
Compliance Compliance with the 5th AML & CFT Directive The face verification solution aims to implement an enhanced vigilance measure for remote identity verification as required by the 5th AML (Anti-Money Laundering) & CFT (Counter-Terrorist Financing) Directive.
Customer onboarding process Innovative customer onboarding process Customer can stay at home and subscribe to the service they want remotely with a seamless, guided and secure workflow. The onboarding process of your customers is improved.
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