Identity verification

Discover our solutions for enhanced identity control provides enhanced identity verification through facial recognition and liveness detection processes. Our facial recognition solution allows you to compare a selfie photo taken by the user during an account creation process with the photo extracted from the identity document. Our liveness detection software further enhances our ability to guarantee the identity of your customers remotely by ensuring that the person is present behind their device when they register. With our two enhanced identity control solutions, you can be sure that the person is who they say they are.

photo Facial recognition
Detection du vivant Liveness detection

The facial recognition

Combining identity document verification and facial recognition solutions, this innovative service is based on machine learning. When starting a new customer relationship remotely, if regulatory requirements permit it, you can use face matching to check that the document-holder is the person they claim to be. The process is simple – the user takes a selfie during the process (thanks to our SDK capture tools) and our API compares the selfie with the extracted photo from the identity document. This verification takes less than 12 seconds thanks to our automatic biometric recognition technologies.

Verification Identity Facial Recognition

The liveness detection

Being sure that the person who wants to sign up for a service is who he or she claims to be and guaranteeing that the user is a live person present during the process are major challenges for many companies. ARIADNEXT has now equipped with a liveness detection service.  The process is simple, the user takes a video by responding to challenges requested by the solution and our API makes multiple comparisons between the video and the extracted photo from the identity document.

Combined with the document verification services, this new service offers online businesses robust protection against fraud without affecting the customer experience.

Liveness detection Ariadnext
Process of liveness detection

The benefits of online identity verification

Ariadnext Analyse Des Pieces Rvb Fraud Fighting Identity verification makes it possible to check remotely the person behind the device and therefore to fight against identity theft
Ariadnext Conformite Europeenne Rvb Compliance with MLD4 The liveness detection solution aims to implement a complementary vigilance measure for remote identity verification as required by the 4th AML Directive and CFT (counter-terrorist financing).
Ariadnext Experience Client Rvb Innovative customer experience Customer can stay at home and subscribe to the service they want with a totally seamless, guided and secure workkflow
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