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Product news

Product news : Offer of video capture of identity documents

Launch of our dynamic document capture offer   We are pleased to announce our new product feature: video capture of identity document. This new dynamic capture mode allows for high quality captures and adds an extra level of security to detect fraud. How does it work? Coupled with our static image capture tool, which allow […]

ARIADNEXT receive the Biometric FIDO certification

  After more than 10 years on the digital identity market, ARIADNEXT has been certified by the FIDO Alliance program for its biometric authentication solution   What is the FIDO Alliance?   The FIDO Alliance is an international association whose mission is to promote authentication tools other than passwords. By replacing the latter with […]

Product news : Offer for manual document and identity check verification

Launch of our manual processing centre for identity checks   Thanks to our automated identity verification services, we now validate more than 30 million documents per year. Based on Deep Learning algorithms, our solutions verify the authenticity of a document in real time and deliver a verdict in less than 12 seconds. To benefit from […]

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