Product news : Offer of video capture of identity documents

Video capture of identity documents

Launch of our dynamic document capture offer


We are pleased to announce our new product feature: video capture of identity documents. This new dynamic capture mode allows for high quality captures and adds an extra level of security to detect fraud.

Our video capture solution is much more than just a recording. Based on our classification algorithms, the solution is able to detect whether the proposed document is indeed the one expected, and it then applies all the proposed static checks in a fully automated manner. The various dynamic security zones are extracted, again automatically, to be validated according to the document model.

Our dynamic capture offer thus guarantees you a quality capture of the documents, while fighting more effectively against fraud attempts.


An enhanced identity verification service


This new mode of dynamic capture of the identity document makes it possible to exploit security features that were previously more difficult to detect in static mode with a simple photo.

The use of robust algorithms, developed in-house, therefore provide an additional layer of security to protect users, particularly against identity theft attempts. The artificial intelligence deployed compares several points of interest, which are chosen dynamically according to the document being analysed, with reference models.


The benefits of documents video capture


Thanks to our web and mobile SDK, dynamic capture is more fluid and allows for higher quality controls. This innovation makes it possible to check certain security elements that were previously out of reach of a static image:


  • Security elements linked to the structure of documents such as OVM (Optically Variable Marks): OVI, OVD, DOVD or visible perforated and in relief elements (such as “RF” holograms, punches).
  • Security features linked to data or substance (e.g., watermarks in the paper substrate, embedded security threads or elements visible in transmitted light).
  • Physical alterations to the document, such as photoswap.


By combining our documentary expertise with the skills of our research team in the use of artificial intelligence, our ad-hoc tool allows increased processing of video in less than 5 minutes.


Our video capture functionality, combined with our new hybrid document verification offer and our recent FIDO Alliance certification, ensures reliable and robust identity verification.





Want To Know More About It?

We will be happy to discuss about your project. 

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