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Identity Verification Service

Identity verification service

Your identity verification needs

With the explosion of internet and online registration services, companies need to be increasingly vigilant in their customers' onboarding processes. ID document fraud and identity theft are on the rise. And fraud represents different risks for companies: unpaid invoices, money laundering, identity theft... Therefore, it becomes necessary to verify the identity of your customers.

The KYC (Know Your Customer) process, which consists in knowing who your customer is and who you are talking to, must now be integrated into the customer journey. In addition, customers are looking for reactivity and quality experience, and implementing an automated identity verification service improves your relationships with your customers.

To tackle these issues, we based our id check solutions on three pillars: fraud prevention, compliance with regulations and customer experience. The common foundations of these pillars are document verification and identity check using our solutions.

Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

Achieve a high level of security by verifying ID documents and their holder. Fight documentary fraud and avoid identity theft.

Regulation compliance

Regulation compliance

Meet the different regulatory requirements of your industry. Be KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliant.

Customer onboarding process

Customer onboarding process

Improve the remote onboarding process of your customers. Offer a great multichannel experience.


Document Checker

These pillars are based on the verification of the documents provided by your customers at the time of registration. Therefore, our document control service verifies the authenticity of identity documents in real time, while certifying the user's information (name, age, home address, etc.).

identity verification service Verify identity in 3 steps


ID Document upload

Many documents can be used to prove a customer’s identity. Many documents can be used to prove one’s identity, and these documents differ from one country to another.

The service covers an ever-increasing number of documents from different countries: national identity cards, driving licences, passports, residence permits…etc. To address all possible use cases, the documents can be captured by any type of device (scanner, smartphone, camera, etc.).

Our web and mobile SDKs allow you to integrate automatic document capture into your applications. No more blurred and illegible images, thanks to our tools, users are guided during the capture of their document, guaranteeing quality control while optimising the user experience.



Analysis by

Our service automatically analyses the authenticity of the document in real time. Indeed, extracts all the data and reviews the submitted document in an automated way in less than 12 seconds. Our analyses are based on deep learning technology.

We offer two approaches to document verification: the individual mode and the folder mode. The folder mode offers an adapted and practical solution when several documents from the same person are required in a cross-analysis.

We also propose a hybrid verification model combining artificial intelligence and human expertise. If the analysis cannot be finalised or is incomplete, fraud experts take over to ensure a reliable and complete KYC process.


Real time verdict

Hence, you get an immediate and clear answer about the compliance of the document.

You will also be able to download a detailed check report which describes all the steps of the analysis.  It provides the different checks carried out and the information extracted.

This report is wiped from our servers after being issued, thus we guarantee total confidentiality for all analysed documents. Our identity verification service is GDPR compliant.

Integrate our identity verification services

Use our development kits and APIs to integrate our document and identity verification solutions directly into your white-label application. For an efficient KYC (Know Your Customer) process, we also offer an automatic way to verify the identity of your customers. We develop facial recognition and life detection services. This ensures that the users who wish to register for a service are who they claim to be. Therefore, our enhanced identity control is ideal in remote identification situations.

ID document capture

ID document capture

Seamless capture tools enable high quality scan for capturing identity documents. Web or mobile SDK

Id Card

Document verification

Document verification API that extracts and verifies data in real time and in a fully automated way

Face Detection

Identity check

API for identity check, based on facial recognition and liveness detection, to guarantee the identity of your customers


Use our ready-to-use solutions

Identity verification applications

You are looking for a standalone solution to check ID documents? Our document verification apps are your go-to solution! In fact, discover our web or mobile ID verification applications for a turnkey service. In this way, you benefit from an autonomous service, available without integration needs.

Three packages available for your identity verification

doc checker
1 check


10 checks


100 checks


Customised offer: we adapt our services to your needs

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