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Web App

A standalone web app that makes identity documents verification simple and reliable: national identity card, passport, driving licence... Upload an image and get check results in real time.

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Mobile App

Identity documents authentication in your pocket.

APIs and SDKs

Use our iOS/Android SDK and REST API to benefit from identity documents control directly in your own apps.

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A simple principle

Import the document

Whatever your mode of acquisition (scanner, smartphone, camera, etc.), you place the image of the document to be analyzed in the download zone. jpeg, png, pdf or tiff formats are supported.

Analysis by IDCHECK.IO

Everything is automatic. Our service will scan the document with our checking algorithms, depending the document type: national ID card, passport, driving licence,..., and the information will be extracted to be authenticated.

Analysis results

You will get a clear answer about the compliance of the document analyzed. You will also be able to download a detailed inspection report which details all the phases of the analysis, a report of the checks and the information extracted from the document. This report is destroyed after each issue, ensuring total confidentiality of the documents analyzed.

Check out our SaaS solutions

IDCHECK.IO has multiple interfaces. Take a look at our APIs and SDKs and easily integrate our expertise into your solutions.


Three options are offered

Compatible with more than 208 countries

With its vast expertise, IDCHECK.IO provides you with a service covering an ever-increasing number of countries and types of identity documents: national identity card, passport, driving licence,... IDCHECK.IO monitors the evolution of identity document worldwide but also incorporates older formats, ensuring an efficient and professional service.

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