ARIADNEXT receive the FIDO Biometric certification

FIDO Biometric certification


After more than 10 years on the digital identity market, ARIADNEXT has been certified by the FIDO Alliance program for its biometric authentication solution


What is the FIDO Alliance?


The FIDO Alliance is an international association whose mission is to promote authentication tools other than passwords. By replacing the latter with more advanced and high-performance tools, the goal is to reinforce the fight against fraud.

The verification of users identity via a biometric system has widely established itself as an alternative to passwords and other codes. This is certainly due to the fact that facial biometrics make it possible to limit fraud while protecting users and companies.


What is the FIDO Biometric certification?


The FIDO certification is a response to the lack of independent accreditation for new authentication methods, like biometric authentication tools. In order to certify the reliability and accuracy of these new solutions, which are more effective against fraud than a simple password, FIDO Alliance has created a program to issue certifications to providers of biometric authentication systems.

This certification is based on two international standards:
1. ISO 19795 : Information technology – Biometric performance testing and reporting.
2. ISO 30107: Information technology – Biometric presentation attack detection.

With the help of 2 laboratories jointly accredited by the FIDO Alliance, the ELITT laboratory and the LETI ITSEF laboratory, the biometric authentication solution has been tested. biometric solution is now accredited, underlining its effectiveness.


How the solution has been tested to be FIDO certified?


During the solution certification, more than 1,200 sessions were carried out with users from the general public. rejects fraud attempts and identity theft. The Face match reliability has been evaluated with more than 300,000 combinations. The liveness detection reliability was also evaluated with more than 500 attacks carried out using specific techniques, including photo prints on different media, 3D avatars and video projection.


What is the biometric authentication solution certified by FIDO? is a reliable and intuitive solution, for individuals who want to register for an online service. Hosted in its own infrastructure, ARIADNEXT’s biometric authentication solution is based on two components: the FaceMatch, face verification developed in-house and the PAD (Presentation Attack Detection), a system which uses a component supplied by ARIADNEXT’s partner: BioID GmbH. These two technologies used together, allow ARIADNEXT to offer a product that remains easy to use while meeting the FIDO Alliance requirements.

After receiving international recognition for the reliability of its solution, ARIADNEXT is taking a step forward in a key digital field: identity.
To find out more on, do not hesitate to check our product page.


CERTIFIED and FIDO2 trademarks and logos are trademarks of FIDO Alliance.

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