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Privacy policy

1. Purpose of the processing

ARIADNEXT uses the Google Analytics solution to improve online browsing and measure visitor flow on your Website. Throughout the entire process, we collect personal data concerning you by means of cookies (or tracers). This data can only be used for the purposes laid out here.

You can disable cookies by going to your browser options as shown below :

2. Processed data

The data collected during your browsing period pertains to:

  • your anonymous IP address (*)
  • the model of the device used
  • the browser used
  • which activities are carried out on the Website

(*) A shortened version of the IP address is used here: the last part is removed prior to processing and storage. This helps reduce geographic data accuracy in Google Analytics’s reports.

3. People concerned

Any web user having visited the Website is concerned by the aforementioned data collection process.

4. Data recipients

The data is sent to the following recipients:

  • The ARIADNEXT Development team, to use the data
  • Google, for data storage.

In this context, Google acts as a subcontractor, in the sense detailed in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), on behalf on ARIADNEXT, and as such collects and processes data in accordance with its instructions. To this end and at all times, ARIADNEXT retains all rights concerning the collection, viewing, retention and deletion of your rights.

5. Data retention duration

The data mentioned in the paragraph entitled “2-Processed data” is stored for 13 months in Google’s systems, as per our instructions.

6. Security

In accordance with the GDPR, ARIADNEXT and all the subcontractors under its responsibility are subjected to a security obligation. The following measures were thus implemented:

  • The encryption of any data exchanged between your browser and our Website is carried out via HTTPS, as is that exchanged between our Website and the Google Analytics servers. For the latter, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is in fact used.
  • Data is duplicated so it may always be available in the event of an incident
  • ISO 27001 security certification regarding the systems, applications, staff, technology, processes and data centres on which a number of Google products rely, including Google Analytics.

7. Case of personal data collected by form

The user can, if he/she wishes, submit certain personal data via the 3 forms proposed by the site:

  • Contact form
  • Newsletter registration form
  • Account creation form (if purchasing a verification pack)

The personal data submitted are then used as appropriate to:

  • Provide support to the user
  • Receive marketing content about ARIADNEXT
  • Identify the person who created an account

These data are exclusively intended for ARIADNEXT’s Marketing teams and are subject to a different retention period than those mentioned above. Finally, the data mentioned here are stored in the company’s information system.

8. Your personal rights

What the Law says: You are entitled to access and obtain copies of any data concerning you, as well as contest the processing of said data, ask for its rectification of have it deleted. You also have the right to limit the processing of your data.

Understanding your personal data protection rights

Exercising your rights: The data protection officer (DPO) at ARIADNEXT is your main contact person for any requests to exercise your processing rights.

  • Contact the DPO by email:
  • Contact the DPO by post: DPO ARIADNEXT, 1219 avenue des Champs Blancs, F-35510 Cesson-Sévigné, France

Claims (complaints) to be sent to the CNIL: After having contacted us, if you consider that your data rights have been infringed, you may issue a claim (complaint) to the CNIL.

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