Secure your telemedicine services with remote patient identity verification

Telemedicine Services

ith the health crisis we have been faced with came a surge in the recourse by patients and health professionals to telemedicine services. Whilst it long remained a marginal practice, the telehealth market is currently seeing a spectacular growth.

Figures speak for themselves: nearly half a million teleconsultations were conducted between March 23rd and March 29th, 2020. Teleconsultations now represent more than 11% of consultations, compared to less than 1% prior to the coronavirus crisis*.

However, vigilance is more important than ever as fraud risk is higher online.


Patient identification at the heart of telemedicine services


The NAH (French National Authoriry for Health) established a system for monitoring and preventing patient identity errors and mitigating the risks thereof. These recommendations aim at making the identification of health professionals, patients and of their documents more reliable (Know Your Patient).

Identity theft (presentation of another person’s health insurance card to benefit from his rights, for example) involves risks for patients. The same goes for health practitioners whose identity must be approved to secure remote consultations.


How to securely identify a patient during a teleconsultation ? solution enables patients and healthcare professionals to automatically capture their ID document from our web or mobile SDK, documents which are then processed by our software for instant fraud analysis and data extraction. The user then goes through a final identity verification step based on biometric analysis (facial recognition or liveness detection). enables a seamless and fast digital experience that complies with the NAH whilst mitigating fraud risk.

(*) Source : Les Echos.



secure telemedicine services

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