Our identity verification applications

Online identity verification

Are you a professional or a private individual looking for a standalone solution for checking identity documents? If the answer is yes, then the web application is your go-to solution! enables you to use our capture tools and provides a web and mobile SDK.

SDK Mobile Mobile app
SDK web Web app

Mobile document verification app

App available for tablets and smartphones.
Check all identity documents directly from your mobile

For even more speed and simplicity, a mobile version helps you capture the image, detects blur and reflections and automatically captures the best image possible. Our solution provides a clear, immediate evaluation of the reliability of the document and a detailed report as evidence to be kept.

The mobile app supports all identity documents officially recognised by governmental institutions: national identity card, passport, health insurance card, residence permit, driving licence… mobile SDK
Ariadnext Smartphone Mobile Rvb Ease of handling

The mobile application guides you through the acquisition of a clear and optimal image for document quality analysis. No more blurry or reflective images.

Ariadnext Rapidite D Integration Rvb Real-time control

97% of documents with ZLA (Automatic Reading Zone) are automatically processed in real time, with a response time of less than 12 seconds.

Ariadnext Experience Client Rvb A new user experience

Document control has never been easier. Be totally autonomous in the purchase of verification credits directly from your mobile or tablet application.

Download our application :

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Web-based document verification application

Our web application provides a simple, intuitive interface for quickly verifying your identity documents.

1. Create your account

Create your account quickly and easily on our portal to access our verification service.

2. Buy your credits

The web service enables you to buy verification credits when you need them for low volumes. Choose your pack and start using the service.

3. Check your identity documents

Send your document to verification and  you will receive the information contained in the document together with the verification result: document identification and detection of specimens, forged documents and expired documents.
We issue a verification certificate in PDF format containing the results of the analysis.

Aplicación web de verificación

The benefits of our service

Ariadnext Innovation Rvb Management interface You have an autonomous portal, available, without integration needs
Ariadnext Rapidite D Integration Rvb Customer experience The use of the service is extremely simple for a real-time response.
Ariadnext Prets Bancaires Rvb Autonomous management Benefit from a pricing system adapted to your use and manage your verification purchases independently.
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