Identity verification applications

Check the identity of individuals in a “unitary” or “industrial” way. offers Identity Verification KYC services adapted to each need.

Authenticating a person's identity

Fraud and scams are on the rise as online trading intensifies.

Nowadays, being sure that you are dealing with the “right person” is becoming almost indispensable before entering into a trusting relationship at a distance, both for professionals and for individuals.

From the simple validation of the authenticity of an identity document, to the proof that the person presenting it is indeed its holder, offers a set of dedicated applications adapted to each need.

App web

App Web

Individuals and small organisations: Authenticate identity documents, suitable for one-off or low volume requirements (< 500 verifications).



Professionals: Integrate KYC bricks into your business solutions, connect your tools (websites and apps, customer portals, CRM, etc.) and process large volumes.

Id Process

Web application for identity document verification

Ideal for small businesses and individuals!

Create your account in a few clicks on our web application.

The web service allows you to quickly verify identity documents through a simple and intuitive interface.

Buy document verification credits when you need them, for small volumes: choose your package and start using the service straight away.

Our ID document verification application supports all image types (jpeg, png, pdf and tiff) and authenticates :

  • ID card
  • Residence permit
  • Passport
  • Driving licence.

At the end of the process, you receive the information contained in the document and the result of the verification.

This allows you to know directly the identification of the document and to detect specimens, false documents or expired documents.

Finally, we issue a verification certificate in PDF format containing the results of the analysis.

All this in less than 12 seconds!

The benefits of our web-based
ID document verification application

verification hybride de documents

Management interface

You benefit from a stand-alone identity verification solution, quickly available according to your needs, without technical integration needs.


Customer experience

The use of the mobile and web applications is extremely simple and allows for automated, real-time responses.

Autonomous management

Benefit from a pricing system adapted to your usage and manage your verification purchases independently.

API & SDK to meet your business rules

Whether your industry is regulated or you are in a non-regulated sector, you are probably looking for solutions to make your business more reliable.

By integrating a Customer Knowledge process with automated identity verification, you can more easily :

  • Fight against Fraud
  • Comply with regulatory constraints (RGPD, eIDAS, LCB-FT)
  • Facilitate Customer Onboarding provides various functional bricks to help you implement or optimise your customer journey.

manual verification of identity documents

API and SDK solutions for every step of your journey

Implement the solutions you need

Obtenir un contrôle de qualité

Document Capture SDK

Documents to collect (ID, proof of address, etc.)?

Offer your users a reliable, easy-to-use document collection tool adapted to their device.

No more back and forth!


Document Control API

INeed to verify the authenticity of a document?

our API identifies the type of document being submitted, performs the security checks it has and extracts the data automatically.

Verdict in less than 12 seconds!

Contrôle d’identité

Identity Verification Services

You want to ensure that the identity document and the person presenting it match?

Depending on your requirements, proof of identity is done via selfie (face matching) or video-selfie (liveness detection).

Secure Onboarding!

The benefits of our API and SDK solutions


Make your processes more reliable

Collect, control and validate complex data via automated solutions.

Gagner Du Temps80

Accelerate your Conversions

Simplify exchanges, limit input efforts (and errors) to optimise your processing time.

Retour Dinformation50

Delight your Users

Enable your customers to sign up and take advantage of your services faster via a frictionless path.

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