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Terms of sales

Welcome to IDCHECK.IO!

Thank you for choosing our products and services provided by ARIADNEXT.

Please read Legal information. Buying our packages of ID verifications on our Services means your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. We invite you to read them carefully.


These general conditions of sales apply to all purchases of ID verifications performed by individuals or professionals, as customers of ARIADNEXT company either directly on the website: https://www. or through the IDCHECK.IO app for smartphones and tablets. The use of these services is regulated by the terms and conditions of services.

These Terms are subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility to consult and formally accept them before any payment.

The applicable Terms are those are those appearing on the site at the date you purchase services.


Prices listed on the site are prices in euros taking into account the French VAT applicable to the service (20%); any rate change may change the price of our services.

ARIDNEXT reserves the right to change prices at any time, except that the price listed on the site the day of purchase checks shall be applicable only to the user.

How to buy

The user previously registered on our services has access to online verification purchase.

A credit of verifications is burned each time an automatic analysis is performed on an ID document. Automatic analysis is defined as follows: the user sends the service an image of an identity document or manually input the characters of the MRZ of an identity document (only for professionals users), and the service provided in return a verification report.

When the service could not deliver a verification report, no credit is debited from your account.

In the case of a request for a manual analysis, the review carried out by our experts for identity verification costs you 3 credits. In case we would not be able to give you an answer on your identity document, you would be re-credited subsequently within a maximum 10 days.

The user, after selecting the desired number of verifications confirms he has read and accepted these terms and conditions. He will then have access to the payment.

Payment terms

After choosing the number of verifications to buy, and having read these general conditions of sale, payment is made exclusively by credit card online. All transactions are paid in euros.

Secure payments

Online payment is made secure by the operator Braintree. Interbank transactions are secured by the 3D-Secure protocol.

Supported bank cards are the followings:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express

All transactions are paid in euros.

If 3D-Secure validation fails, the transaction cannot be completed and therefore the purchase of credit verification can be made.

Payment is made securely through SSL-based encryption algorithms (Secure Socket Layer).

Provisioning period

Provisioning is immediate. Verifications can be used on online services upon confirmation of payment over a period of one year..

Withdrawal period

The buyers, non-professional individuals benefit for a withdrawal period of 14 days from the payment of the transaction, if and only if they have not started to use the service. To exercise this right, please contact our customer service using our contact form.

Want To Know More About It?

We will be happy to discuss about your project. 

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